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theo pinto x surf lodge

Theo Pinto, an artist whose journey began in Brazil and brought him to Long Island, New York at the age of sixteen, has come full circle with an artist residency at The Surf Lodge in Montauk. The collaboration includes a mesmerizing series of oil paintings, an illusionistic installation, and a limited-edition surfboard, all of which encapsulate his thoughtful connection to nature and the transformative power of light.

Now based in Brooklyn, Theo spent his early years in Montauk as an apprentice under his uncle, which ignited a passion that has since grown into an illustrious artistic career. He was trained at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), and his work is now displayed at galleries across the globe including 1×1 Gallery in Dubai and India, Cadogan Gallery in London and Milan, and The Pill in Istanbul.

artist Theo Pinto reunites with Montauk for a residency at The Surf Lodge | images courtesy The Surf Lodge

‘skyscapes’ capture the serene montauk sunrise

The centerpiece of Theo Pinto’s residency at The Surf Lodge is his Skyscapes series of oil paintings. These works are an exploration of the fleeting beauty of light at the cusp of day and night. Inspired by the artistic history and renowned sunsets of Montauk — ‘the end’ of Long Island — Theo captures the sky’s ephemeral moments with a focus on light’s quality, inviting viewers into a space of stillness and reflection. Theo reflects: ‘This work invites viewers to experience the sky as a shared moment, a common denominator that unites people across time and space, both physically and cosmically.’

The artist‘s innovative spirit is exemplified with his studies in lenticular printing — these explorations have taken shape with a limited-edition surfboard that embodies the essence of a living sunset. The piece is wrapped in a lenticular surface which visually transforms as it interacts with the natural elements of sky, ocean, and light. The surfboard’s soft, gradient colors shift and animate to create an illusionistic effect that mimics the hues of the Montauk sunrise.

theo pinto surf lodge
a limited-edition surfboard, made from lenticular material, transforms with the sky and ocean

a lenticular installation of shifting color

Taking his exploration of lenticular technology further, Theo has created a forty-foot-long curved installation which backdrops the outdoor patio of The Surf Lodge. This array of vertical lenticular panels comes alive with an animated play of color which transforms with the viewer’s movement and brings a dynamic illusion of dimensionality. This ever-shifting artwork makes the space itself seem alive and encourages exploration from multiple angles.

The opening of Theo Pinto’s activation at The Surf Lodge was a celebration of art and music. designboom attended the event which commenced with a meditative opening ceremony by Nākaloka, a vocalist and flautist team whose dream-like concert complimented the surrounding Skyscapes. Following these solemn harmonies, the beloved DJ duo Polo & Pan had a set backdropped by the outdoor installation, which created an atmospheric experience that unified the performance and audience with Theo’s art.

theo pinto surf lodge
Theo’s residency blends oil painting and lenticular technology, celebrating the interplay of light and perspective

During the opening event, the artist’s closest friends insisted that his inspirations originated from their early morning sailing trips, with shared moments of quiet reflection as they witnessed the sunrise over the ocean. These serene and transformative experiences seem to have deeply influenced both Theo’s lifestyle and work, imbuing it all with a sense of peace and connection to the natural world. He explains: ‘The silence, the ocean and sky enveloped me in its vibrant hues and rhythmic melodies, a sense of peace and connection to nature that was new to me.

For Theo, this residency is at once an exhibition and a meaningful return to the place where his artistic journey began. Now, he is presenting his works in a space that has hosted renowned artists like Ai Weiwei, Daniel Arsham, and Jen Stark. The Surf Lodge residency marks Theo Pinto’s lasting connection with Montauk and his dedication to exploring the dialogue between art and vast nature.

theo pinto surf lodge
the oil paintings, Skyscapes, capture the elusive beauty of light at dawn and dusk to evoke stillness and reflection

theo pinto surf lodge
the opening event commenced with a meditative ceremony by Nākaloka