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fluid facade of MAD architects’ lucas museum is now being installed in los angeles

By September 23rd, 2022Advertising, Art, Design, Fashion, Trends

lucas museum achieves new milestone

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art announces latest construction updates of its sculptural new home in Los Angeles with architecture by MAD Architects. The first of its kind, the space will be dedicated to the ‘meaning and impact of narrative art.’ Taking shape in the California city’s Exposition Park, the five-story, 300,000-square-foot building has achieved major milestones. The park and gardens are integrating into the eleven-acre campus, while the museum‘s collection is expanding — all in preparation for the project’s expected opening in 2025.

image by Hunter Kerhart, all rights reserved, © 2022 Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

the complex facade takes shape in los angeles

At the center of the Lucas Museum’s eleven-acre campus is the fluid new building designed by Ma Yansong of MAD Architects (see here) with Michael Siegel of Stantec as executive architect. The architecture takes influence from the large trees across Los Angeles’ Exposition Park, which ‘provide places of shelter and gathering.’ The building will take shape as an extension of that canopy of trees, creating a place of gathering in its central plaza.

The building’s organic surface is realized with an assemblage of over 1,500 curved fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) panels, each uniquely shaped and placed to create the whole. Installation of these panels onto the southern façade has now begun, marking a major milestone in the project’s construction.

lucas museum los angeles
image © the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, all rights reserved

Sandra Jackson-Dumont, Director and Chief Executive Officer, comments:It’s humbling and energizing to see how all aspects of this new public resource are taking shape. We believe that narrative art can connect us and help shape a more just society. As a result, every element of this institution contributes to that idea — the site is one physical manifestation of that.

The campus with its iconic building and arched belly that creates a canopy, coupled with the 200-plus trees taking root in the park, together create another community gathering place with much needed shade for our neighbors and others who will use the site. Another manifestation of that idea is the museum’s wonderfully evolving collection of narrative art that features multifaceted perspectives through the stories humans have told throughout history.

Through these works, we hope to ignite complex and nuanced conversation that may impact the ways folks understand the world, but perhaps even what they decide to do in the world. We’re thrilled to share this significant progress, and I look forward to keeping the public informed as we forge ahead.’

lucas museum los angeles
image by Hunter Kerhart, all rights reserved, © 2022 Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

inside the lucas museum of narrative art

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will introduce a diverse new collection of artworks to Los Angeles. Works will range from ancient Roman mosaics to Renaissance painting to contemporary photography, and representing diverse cultures and artistic media, the museum’s collection demonstrates the breadth of themes and viewpoints with which narrative art can engage dynamic and diverse publics.

Pilar Tompkins Rivas, Chief Curator and Deputy Director of Curatorial and Collections, continues: ‘Through narrative art, people from every age and background can find connections between their lives and the lives of others across eras, cultures, and regions of the globe.’

lucas museum los angeles
image by Roberto Gomez, all rights reserved, © 2022 JAKS Productions

planting the bucolic landscape

The park and gardens of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will be designed by Mia Lehrer of Studio-MLA. Here, an expansive and multilayered landscape will integrated with the building and replace the asphalt parking which once occupied the site. Another milestone for the Lucas Museum, the first of over two hundred trees has been put into the ground.

As a parking lot, water runoff was directed into the city sewer system. Once the landscape is completed, a rain-harvesting system will capture water for irrigation. Other features of the park and gardens will including the amphitheater, a hanging garden, and a pedestrian bridge — all of which are now taking shape.


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