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Not Your Average Ad Agency

When it comes to choosing a creative services firm, the agency that’s right for your friend’s organization may not be right for yours.

The best client-agency relationships are unique. They are grounded in compatibility, mutual respect, and shared mission and values.

How do you choose an agency? A 2018 post by the Forbes Agency Council offers seven tips, including management process, an agency’s unique story and culture, quality and reliability. Read the article here.

At Brandhaus, we focus on these attributes and much more. But our main focus is always on relationships.

Many of our clients are engaged in healthcare, an industry in which everything revolves around relationships. Their relationships with the people they serve are intensely personal. We get that, and we embrace it.

We also work with clients in other businesses, far removed from the healthcare world. While our clients are diverse, relationships drive our engagement with each and every one of them. Relationships are essential to our understanding of their needs, meeting those needs and delivering a solid return on their investment.

So if you’re considering a full-service agency to build your organization’s brand, create relatable, effective messages and provide public relations solutions, give us a look.

You can learn more about us on our Leadership page, and love to learn about you by phone or email

Don Jean

Don is a design entrepreneur who believes that product, digital and brand design are cornerstones of any business. He is the founder of Brandhaus, the Las Vegas-based design and branding firm he established in 2007. He is also the Chapter-Founder of the social movement organization Don believes that all artistic disciplines – including architecture, graphic design, fashion, and product design can be interrelated in the design process. Effective integration of these disciplines results in simple, functional, and aesthetically pleasing solutions that respond to each client’s need.

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