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other projects designs a contemporary store in hong kong

Other Projects introduces a new typology for retail stores with the Cacaolab Flagship store, located in the prime shopping district of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. The monogram facade, drawing inspiration from the brand’s logo, ties all the floors together in a coherent aesthetic. Each floor’s interior is designed to suit its use and provide varying experiences to the visitors. Apart from retail, the three-floor store includes a bakery, café, and museum, where one can experience and learn about the local brand that focuses on bean-to-bar innovative chocolate crafted in China. 

all images by Xu Liang Leon

the bold facade becomes part of the branding

The exterior by Other Projects binds all the floors together, establishing a memorable presence within the Pak Sha Road. The rough black stucco ground floor storefront with its two arched openings invites pedestrians to enter and explore locally crafted innovative chocolate products. For the upper facade, the architects proposed a grid of square tiles. The geometric forms carved on the tiles are inspired by the logo’s design and create a monogram effect. The matte-black facade is constructed of powder-coated metal panels and organized to frame punched openings and a large format media screen.

other projects' monogram facade conceals new-age cacaolab flagship store in hong kong
the shape of the arched doorway and window forms at the storefront are inspired by the cacaolab’s logo

each floor inspires its interior in the cacaolab flagship store

Other Projects curated each of the three floors specifically for its program, providing a range of atmospheres. The retail space on the ground floor is conceived as a laboratory, thus the materials used have a lab-like sterile material palette. The walls and ceilings of the store are painted in grey metallic paint and the stainless steel kitchen is lit by a rigid ceiling light. A series of wall-mounted stainless steel display units are custom-designed to showcase each product’s unique packaging. The glass displays of the adjacent open kitchen contain fresh goods. A mural at the back of the store leads to the staircase, clad in dark green perforated metal panels with concealed vertical linear fixtures that create a lantern effect. The continuous green stair acts as a vertical connector between all three floors, providing a moment of recalibration as one journeys through each floor.

other projects' monogram facade conceals new-age cacaolab flagship store in hong kong
the matte-black storefront and facade are constructed of rough stucco and powder-coated metal panels

custom furniture by other projects suits the store’s needs

Moving to the first floor, the café features a warm and welcoming palette. A continuous wooden element was introduced by Other Projects to function as a bench, tabletop, and planter. Circular tables and stools, custom-designed for the café, populate the space, offering flexibility for rearrangement to accommodate various group sizes. The design of the museum on the second floor creates a dark gallery and lounge. The exhibition materials include replicas of artifacts imported from South America to educate visitors about cacao. In the center of the floor, the architects have placed a marble-clad tasting bar, which hosts an omakase-type dining experience and chocolate-making workshops.