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HPSM is a local community-based health plan with a vision that Healthy is for Everyone – and they fight to make that possible. By partnering with providers and community organizations, they are able to advocate for their members’ health and meet the highest quality of care standards.


Working with a partner agency, it was our job to oversee internal photography direction, creative execution of internal and external campaigns, as well as two years of annual reports in multi-language formats.


The ADDY award winning “Healthy Fight” brand theme for the Health Plan of San Mateo (HPSM) stands for the positive and ongoing vision of HPSM — that “healthy is for everyone.” The passion for and dedication to this fight touches everyone who plays a part in it — from real members and real providers to real employees who fight
the fight every day within the corporate walls of HPSM. 


Using internal and external subjects, the shoot brought the campaign – and the organization to life.