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WATCH: impact acoustic architecturally integrates sound-absorbing elements

By April 28th, 2022Advertising, Art, Design, Fashion, Trends

Swiss sound-management experts Impact Acoustic are getting heard when it comes to architecturally integrated acoustic solutions. Watch the video to learn more…

All images courtesy Impact Acoustic

They say you only really become aware of whether an architect has considered the acoustics of a space when she or he hasn’t. Think archly Instagrammable, yet I-can’t-hear-my-dining-partner-speak restaurant interiors.

For the longest time, the management of sound was given little, if no, thought in formal architectural training. Things might be changing, but – and luckily for companies like Swiss-based Impact Acoustic – there is still a need for architecturally minded solutions-providers who like nothing better than reducing noise.

WATCH: impact acoustic architecturally integrates sound-absorbing elements

We see that many companies see potential for optimisation in acoustics after the project has been completed,‘ says Impact Acoustic marketing chief Nando Schoch. ‘But it’s so important to include acoustics as early as possible in the planning.

WATCH: impact acoustic architecturally integrates sound-absorbing elements

Watch Architonic’s interview with Schoch to find out how he and his colleagues have delivered architecturally integrated and expressive sound-absorbing elements into a raft of high-end projects via an innovative, proprietary eco-material, first-rate computational design, and – most importantly – a true understanding of what it means to be a creative partner as opposed to a mere product provider.

WATCH: impact acoustic architecturally integrates sound-absorbing elements

Guest feature by Simon Keane-Cowell / Architonic

simon keane-cowell I architonic

apr 28, 2022


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