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white concrete encloses josé pedro lima’s bright red multi-use garden pavilion in portugal

By April 29th, 2022Advertising, Art, Design, Fashion, Trends


The Garden Pavilion by José Pedro Lima is a small outdoor structure designed for an existing house in northern Portugal. The project is developed to lighten the program load of its main house, ‘a common practice in 19th century, for social and domestic reasons,’ as the Coimbra​-based architect explains. Its construction combines white concrete, which seeks to convey a shelter-like atmosphere in the garden, with a bright red hue that adds a playful contrast to the garden surroundings. The newly-built space enables multiple uses for everyday life, including an outdoor office and playroom for children, to name a few.all images by Ivo Tavares


José Pedro Lima’s Garden Pavilion occupies the site where an interior-block house once stood. The Portuguese architect removed a considerable part of the existing pavement, providing an additional 30 sqm of green surface to the courtyard. The pavilion is composed of a small structure, punctually placed on the pavement. A wall and a toilet core serve as the structural supports of the building, while the latter also works to divide the main space into a smaller one for domestic reasons. Meanwhile, an exterior technical cabinet borders the south-east end of the lot.

The combination of white concrete and bright red creates a playful contrast in the small garden. ‘The white concrete, and notably its stereotomy, seeks to convey a shelter atmosphere,’ notes José Pedro Lima. ‘It enhances the distinct and contemporary character of the work, pursuing a harmony and adequate scale when confronted with its immediate surrounding outbuildings.’

white concrete encloses josé pedro lima's bright red multi-use garden pavilion in portugal
the small garden structure combines white concrete and bright red hue

white concrete encloses josé pedro lima's bright red multi-use garden pavilion in portugal
part of the existing pavement was removed to provide additional green space


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