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This isn’t a dating app, this is a place to network with professionals across industries…and the world. It may seem obvious, but using a recent and professional image for your profile photo is key. You can also have fun with this, use your photo to show off your personality – it sets the tone! Using the header image feature will make your profile looked nice and polished and make your page a little more memorable. You don’t have to use your company’s logo or approved corporate “look” per se, but do something that is sized correctly that shows off what’s important to you.


The Bio

Make your bio much more than a resume. When prospective employers, customers and connections are looking over your profile, you’ll want it to stand out with more than just the places you’ve worked at. Try using numbers, accomplishments, where others can see what kind of impact you could make on their company.


Feature Section

The Features Section is relatively new and many users aren’t sure what to do with it, but this is where you want to brag about all the great things you do! Here’s where you can share accomplishments, showcase any awards you’ve received personally or professionally, company milestones and even testimonials or client reviews. It’s important to note, this feature is only available for Individual profiles, not company pages.


Avoid Using Buzzwords

You don’t want to use the most “buzzworthy” words that are seen on every profile. For example, Corporate Leader, Corporate Executive, or other vague-important sounding job titles. This is important for those who are searching for your specific job title, you don’t want to lumped into a list of hundreds of corporate execs when someone is trying to find you. Although words like leader, strategic, innovative can be important when describing your role, try to use result driven descriptions and phrases to show what you bring to the company.



Make sure you take advantage of the endorsement feature. This is where a connection can endorse your skills, talents and gifts for others to see. This establishes social proof from other, like-minded professionals that can give you immediate credibility. The best way to get endorsements is to give them yourself, and more than likely, they’ll return the favor.



Share meaningful content that resonates with you, your business and values system. Think about creating something that your reader will be happy to exchange their time for what it is you have to say. In other words, avoid posting just to post. Be thinking how you can bring value and start conversations with your audience. Although long form content can be discouraged on other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a great place to share articles you’ve written, co-authored or industry news. These longer pieces of content tend to perform well while also positioning you as an expert in your field.